Multi-finalists as of 2023

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This list will be updated periodically during the year with Australian art prize multi-finalists.

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Spotlight on the Collie Art Prize

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What makes an art prize pop? What is it that brings it into the top 10 for brand recognition? Every prize outside the top 10 wants to do better, but what is ‘better’?

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Top prizes by prize money

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There's more to a prize than prize money, but nevertheless it is interesting to see the top prizes by AUD$.

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For the longest time I’ve wanted to visit the home of the John Villiers Outback Art Prize (also known as the JVOAP) in the outback. This is the last remaining art prize to be held in outback Australia.

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2022 Landscape Prize finalists

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You might think that finalists in one landscape prize would also be finalists in a high number of other landscape prizes in any given year. However, unlike with portrait prizes, the number for landscape prizes is quite small - i.e. less than 7.

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Prize finalists Portraiture

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How did finalists in the big portrait prizes of 2022 fare in the other portrait prizes in the same year?

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Prizes no more

Total Views: 364 Last 7 days Views: 50

This list consists of over 600 prizes that appear to no longer be calling. Updated October 2023

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CV Assistant

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Update your cv with the correct titles for art prize finalist exhibitions using our CV Assistant.

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Generative Art by AI

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Images with alt tags are scooped up by AIs and then mixed and spun into unique images seeded by words. It has long term implications for graphic artists and photo libraries.

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2022 Multi-finalists as of 1 December

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Updated up to December 1 with multi-finalists of Australian art prizes.

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Advertising Metrics

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To our future and current advertisers

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2021 Prizes scanned for finalists

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Each year we scan the finalists for art prizes in Australia. Here's the list of prizes for 2021.

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Final take of multiple prize finalists for 2021

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We continue to track finalists and winners of Australian visual arts prizes. The table below shows which artists have been selected as a finalist in multiple prizes this year.

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2021 November tally of repeat finalists

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We've updated the listing of Australian art prize finalists (2021) and there are new multi-prize finalists to see.

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2021 Multi-finalists Australian Art Prizes

Total Views: 1643 Last 7 days Views: 58

So far, 69 artists have been selected as finalists across two or more Australian Art Prizes in 2021. Here is a table listing them.

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NFTs are changing the art market paradigm

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Collectors of digital art (NFTs) are able to collect more NFT artwork than traditional collectors because there are no costs for displaying/storing digital artworks.

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Digital Artists Stream It

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But WTF is an NFT?

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Visually show your exhibitions

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You're a visual person so why not show your exhibition history graphically? Let me show you how.

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Top 7 prize finalists for 2020

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From our dataset of art prize finalists we have 7 artists who were selected as finalists the most in 2020.

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Most prize exhibitions in 2020

Total Views: 1329 Last 7 days Views: 33

Which artists were shown in the most art prize finalist exhibitions for 2020?

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Biggest winners in Australian Art Prizes

Total Views: 1967 Last 7 days Views: 53

We've been experimenting with alternative visualisations for database. Out of this came a visualisation of most prize winners of Australian art prizes.

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Artists appearing in the same prize on 2 or more occasions

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Some prizes have a high repeat rate of artists selected for the finalists' exhibition. This finding is based on our analysis of all the finalists for a given art prize in a given year.

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Bias in judging art prizes

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I think the concept of bias is something that art prizes as an industry should be talking about openly rather than backing away from it.

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Art market disruptors gather pace

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Online galleries offer artists more opportunities for sales and promotion than ever just as the Federal Government loses interest in the visual arts and the COVID-19 keeps everyone out of physical galleries.

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Cancelled Art Prizes

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In response to the COVID-19 a growing number of prizes have either been cancelled or postponed. I've also confirmed with a number of prizes that they are still proceeding.

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