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Posted 29 May 2023 10:53 AM

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What other portrait prizes did the Archibald finalists also exhibit in, for a given year, say 2022?  I set the dial to “find portrait prizes with same finalists” to see how the 2022 finalists of the Archibald, Lester and Darling Portrait Award fared in other portrait prizes that year. As the Archibald is the most important and also the earliest to call the finalists I assumed that lots of other prizes might also select many of  the same artists. Not so.

We can perform the same analysis for different years and different prizes type - for example landscape or sculpture. I will do this analysis in future posts.

Archibald Prize (visualisation 1): 16 finalists from the 2022 Archibald were also finalists in the Percival Portrait Award or the Portia Geach, the Rick Amor Self-Portrait Prize, the Doug Moran and the Darling Portrait Prize. All of which have big prizes with the exception of the Rick Amor. I would have expected more Archibald finalists would have been selected as finalists in other portrait prizes.

Darling Portrait Prize (visualisation 2): 16 finalists from the Darling Portrait Prize  were also finalists in the Archibald (7), Lester (1), Rick Amor Self-Portrait (2), Doug Moran, the Percival Portrait Award (4) and the Portai Geach (6).

The Lester Prize for Portraiture (visualisation 3): just 6 of the finalists in 2022 Lester Prize were also finalists in other portrait prizes. Those prizes were the Portia Geach (4), the Percival (2), the Darling (1) and the Rick Amore (2).

BUT we see something very different when we look at the 2021 Archibald finalists (visualisation 4) - in 2022, we see 18 of the 2021 Archibald finalists were selected for the 2022 Archibald finalists exhibition. The 2022 prizes that the 2021 Archibald finalists were in were: Archibald (18), the Darling Portrait Prize (7), Doug Moran (3), Rick Amor Self-Portrait (2), the Percival Portrai Award (1), and the Portia Geach (8).

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