Generative Art by AI

Posted 1 August 2022 05:15 PM

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Ai used to generate the art work above - what do you think? I just typed the phrase "postage stamp first AI" and this is one of four images returned.

In March 2021 I raised the issue of NFTs - were they good or bad for artists? A number of artists working with NFTs have garnered followers, joined new communities and raised significant money by producing art based NFTs. It is a new world for creatives.

But that was just the top of the rabbit hole - going a little further down is AI generated art. Artwork with incredible resolution pulled together from a simple phrase. In the phrase you can reference the style of past or current artists and include tags for subjects to be included in the final rendering. Using the MidJourney Bot (via Discord) hundreds of high res images are being generated every hour.

In the following screen shot you can see the sample phrases that users seed the image with and then the four tiles generated by MidJourney. 

Essentially, the new AIs like DAL-E> ( MidJourney ( can generate artwork that is copyright free, original, quickly executed and can reference any image on the web (that has an alt tag).

Search YouTube for "generative art" or "ai art generator" and you can see for yourself - artists and geeks running wild. Like AI (text) content generators output is not always special but typically useful for newlsetters and posts.

There are issues that will need addressing such as artists beingl able to opt out of having their style imitated.